What is Art Fuse

ArtFuse is a portal for Art generated by Code.

An art-work submission must be:

  • Displayable or playable in a web-browser and
  • Entirely or primarily generated by code written by the Artist.
  • Provide a thorough discussion (write-up) on the technical constraints or challenges that resulted in the art-work's current form.
  • Give a discussion on what may be improved or re-designed for the next version.

An art-work submission must be intentional, meaning that its primary function is NOTHING other than being Art.  (And this is how we distinguish "Art" from "Design.")

We encourage submissions to be multi-dimensional in that it employs more than one discipline. 

See our example. 


We encourage submissions to be inter-disciplinary in that it employs more than one art form.  As an example, we offer the art-work "Love Death and Zen" which employs visual art in the form of code-generated gradients and perlin-noise-based backgrounds; and a “main character” in the form of an entirely code-generated, vector-based “yellow submarine”, randomly generated non-linear poetry "animated" by code; along with a digitally distorted soundtrack.  Apart from the soundtrack which is a digitally distorted recording of Pink Floyd’s "Great Gig in the Sky","Love Death and Zen" is entirely generated at run-time.


  • Who is Art Fuse for?
    • Software Engineers who make Art and Artists who write code. And of course all other parties who are interested in Art generated from pure code...
  • Can I submit an art-work constituted entirely of HTML and Javascript?
    • Sure, but make sure it's Art and not Design…
  • Can I submit an art-work that has an “Information Technology” or data-processing element to it?
    • Sure!  Just make sure it's Art and not some geeky “hey! Interact - with - my - lame - program - that - I - wrote - in - 5 - minutes - thingee - see - how - you - can - make - it - move - with - the - mouse - and - keyboard?” – Waste of time. On the other hand, Visualization of Data holds many artistic possibilities...
  • Can I submit art-work made with  Adobe Flash?
    • Yes!  But Actionscript-based work only.  No timeline-based animation please.  Works made using Flex are also permitted.
  • Can I submit work made with the Processing tool-set?
    • Yes!